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FAQ for rides postponed in response to COVID-19


What if I have already registered? Will I get a refund?


Yes, if you have already registered and paid for a ride, you can request to cancel your registration and get a refund, or a credit toward a future ride. We will be following up with all registered riders directly.


But what about my R-12? And my P-12?


Unfortunately, this postponement of rides will most likely mean a lapse in your R-12 and P-12 streaks. Though we cannot yet say when the SIR calendar will resume, we will at that time work to offer opportunities for you to attempt these goals.


Can we continue to hold other, shorter events that are not part of the series and need fewer volunteers?


No. SIR will not be hosting additional rides at this time. 


I need these rides to qualify for a grand randonnée later this year; how does this affect that?


Please consult with the organizers of your target event as these requirements vary.