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Permanents were created so riders can get out on their bikes for brevet-length rides at times when a brevet is not offered. They are 'permanent' in that the ride is 'always available'. Like brevets, permanents are timed rides, the routes and control times calculated in advance. 

Permanents are available across the USA and in other countries, although details of rules and procedures differ in other countries.

Permanents count towards various RUSA mileage awards. See the RUSA website for more information.

Maps of Permanents


Sign up to Ride Permanents

  • In order to ride RUSA permanents for credit, first establish an account on the RUSA site. Click on the Member Log in button on the upper right to get started.

  • Then register for the Permanents program. Log in to your Member account, then click on the Permanents button.

How to Ride a Permanent


The general steps to ride a Permanent are:
  • Choose a route. (The maps linked above on the right should help you find a route. The RUSA site has additional ways to find routes.)
  • Register for the ride:
    • Log in to your account and click the Permanents button to go to your Permanents account.
    • Enter the route number if you know it and click the red button. Or just click the red button to use RUSA's search options.
    • Once you submit a route number, the site will present a confirmation page.* Notice the Ride with GPS link displayed at the bottom of the table. Copy the link or open it in a new window so you have the route.
      • Routes may be updated without notice. If this is not your first time riding a route, note that Ride with GPS displays the route's last update date. You may need to update your gps device or cue sheet with the new version.
    • Click the Sign the waiver button and fill out the waiver. This is where enter your ride date. The start time is free. You simply have to start during that day. You should receive an email confirming your waiver.
    • Cancellation: You may cancel prior to the day of the ride. On the day of the ride, if you do not complete the ride you must either report DNF (did not finish) or DNS (did not start).
  • Ride the route:
    • Many people will choose to navigate with a GPS device. If you prefer a cue sheet, you can print one from Ride with GPS.
    • Free-routing applies to all routes: You do not have to stay on the route between controls. You are only required to visit the controls in the order they appear in the route. You may follow any safe and legal route of your own devising between sequential controls if you wish. If your ride is shorter than the official distance of the route, you must ride enough additional distance to reach the route's official distance.
    • Start location: You may start loop and out-and-back routes from any control. You must finish at the control where you started.
    • Direction: You may ride a route in either direction. If you wish to ride a route in reverse, you are responsible for developing the reversed route and ensuring it is safe and legal. This permits reversing point-to-point routes.
  • Collect proof of passage at controls. This can be your choice of:
    • A GPS trace of your ride.
    • A photo at each control as instructed by the control cue.
      • Note: Businesses are implicitly photo controls.
    • A completed and signed brevet card. You must create your own card.
  • Report your result:
    • Return to your Permanents account and enter your result. If your ride was successful you should retain your proof of passage for a year in case of RUSA audit.


The full rules for Permanents are here.


*If the confirmation page displays Permanent route xx is not active, the route has been disabled, likely due to a severe maintenance issue.