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Become a Member

Interested in becoming a member of the Seattle International Randonneurs?

SIR membership is free. You can sign up using the Member Signup link in the menu above.

You'll need to have a free SIR membership to preregister for rides (if you miss preregistration and register at a ride start, you'll have to fill out a paper membership form).

What is the status of my SIR membership?

Sign in using the Member Login link (upper right) to check your membership status. If it says you need to renew, you can do so for free. You might get an email asking you to pay $0, but you can ignore that.

Should I also register for a RUSA membership?

Yes, with a RUSA membership, not only are you able to ride permanents, but your brevet and permanent ride results will be recorded in the national database. If you would like to cycle the Paris-Brest-Paris ride someday, you'll need to be a member of RUSA before riding your first qualifying brevet. You'll also be eligible to earn a number of awards. Also, as noted above, RUSA membership is also a requirement for SIR membership (member with another ACP affiliate works, too).

RUSA membership costs $30 per year and includes a very informative randonneuring handbook and a subscription to RUSA's quarterly newsletter American Randonneur. To register for a RUSA membership,  click here for the member services page.Click here for the member services page.

Already a RUSA member, but not sure about the status of your membership? Click here to check your status.