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Urgent Update

We’ve learned that Forest Road 25 over Elk Pass will be closed this year. See for details. Although there is a possibility (unexplored) that bikes can figure out a way around, we are not going to mess with a closed road and the chance of being turned back.

There is no simple detour, so we are making a substantial change to the route, basically going around the west side of Mount St Helens instead of the east. This will add 80 km / 50 miles to the first day and to the overall ride. The event will now be 1385km with a 115:25 time limit. The start time will be moved to 4am and the finish cutoff will be on July 24th at 00:45 AM. Please note that this is after the westbound train departure which may affect riders trying to leave that night.

The route will remain the same from the first overnight to the finish. The revised first day will be 426 kilometers with 4280m of climbing (10m/km; 50ft/mi). The route we can’t use would have been 347km with 3860m of climbing (11.1m/km). The earlier start and somewhat easier terrain should help with the extra 80 kilometers, but riders should consider the possibility that their arrival in Carson could be pretty late, with a lot of night riding.

The good news is that the second day is quite short and relatively flatter - 222km with 8.4m/km climbing, so it should be possible to get to the Umatilla overnight at a reasonable time, even with a late start on day 2. Please note that checkout time in Carson is noon, but if you think there is a good chance that you’ll need more time than that, please let us know. We should be able to accommodate at least a few riders for early afternoon departures with some advanced planning.

Although intermediate control times are a thing of the past now, the following table that shows 12kph mark at each overnight may be helpful to planning. As you may know, LRM grand brevets over 1300km have an overall 12kph time limit compared to the overall 13.3kph limit of a 1200. For myself, I have found it useful to plan the first part of the brevet around the 13.3 pace, so the chart notes that for first two overnights. (Note: Finish closing time in this table is incorrect. The correct finish closing time is 07/24 at 00:45 AM.)


Redmond Inn
17601 Redmond Way
Redmond, WA 98052

3:00 AM - Rider check-in begins
3:55 AM - Ride briefing
4:00 AM - Ride bikes

Please contact the ride organizer if you will be arriving after 4:00 AM or if you are registered and choose to not start.


The Firebrand Hotel
650 E 3rd St
Whitefish, MT 59937

Finish control closes Wednesday, July 24th at 00:45 AM.

Pre-Ride Meeting

Pre-ride meeting and bike check will be held from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM on Thursday, July 18. Attendance is mandatory!

Postdoc Brewing Redmond
17625 NE 65th St #100
Redmond, WA 98052

Route from Redmond Inn to Postdoc Brewing:

Drop Bag

You may have one small drop bag (small backpack is preferred). We cannot accommodate large drop bags - luggage or bike boxes. Drop bags will be collected at the pre-ride meeting -- bring your drop bag to Postdoc!. You must pick up your drop bag in Whitefish - we cannot return your drop bag to Seattle.


Complete Route and Cuesheet: [FINAL]

Individual Day Routes and Cuesheets (may be more compatible for some devices and software)

Day 1: [FINAL]
Day 2: [FINAL]
Day 3: [FINAL]
Day 4: [FINAL]
Day 5: [FINAL]

See the Glacier 1300K event page for route details.