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Voler SIR coffee bean design reorder


We are doing a Voler SIR coffee bean design reorder for both PBP and non-PBP items. The two ordering links can be found below at the end of this post. Many of you have seen the jerseys, vests and jackets that have arrived as part of the original order. They look really nice and club members who have purchased seem to be very happy with the new design. SIR member Robert Higdon did a great job on the graphics.


I am fairly certain we will never see prices this good again. This is because we had an unusually large initial order which resulted in a substantial price break. We are getting the same prices on the reorder. This will be the final reorder.  The reorder deadline will be August 23 and items will ship approximately September 25. You can have your order shipped to you directly for a few extra dollars and I would encourage this method. However feel free to have your order shipped to "the Coordinator" (me) for a few bucks less. As per the usual routine, I will arrange for a pick up site or two.

I have used Voler clothing a lot and would highly recommend the following items:

1) The FS pro jersey. This is the best ventilating jersey I have ever used. The flat seam stitching also looks particularly sharp with the new design.

2) Both the genesis lighter weight and geotherm heavier weight longsleeve jerseys.

The sizing for these items runs a 1/2 size or so large. For example, I wear a race fit size large short sleeve jersey and a medium race fit long sleeve jersey. I could probably squeeze into a medium short sleeve jersey which means I'm on the smaller end of the size large short sleeve items.

3) Long sleeve wind jackets. These are very lightweight and breathe exceptionally well.

They are not waterproof. They are a very nice extra piece of clothing which takes up minimal space in the bag. The sizing should be the same as your short sleeve jersey.

Feel free to contact me at drmigden at gmail dot com if you have any questions.


Non PBP on top. PBP below. The PBP version items are less expensive ( except for the FS Pro jersey) because we get special event pricing for PBP.


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