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Don Boothby Memorial - 8/11


There is going to be a memorial service for him on Aug 11th at 1:17PM at the Garden house at 2336 15th Ave. South, Seattle. Don chose the date, the venue and designed the event, hoping of course, to be there on the first anniversary of his cancer diagnosis.


It will be a potluck affair, with music and festivities. Bike people are requested to come in bike duds and ride over there if possible. :-)

Check Facebook for remembrances of Don and how he touched all of our lives.

And by the way, if you see Don's stolen bike, let us (and the police) know.  

Our good friend and customer Don Boothby has been suffering from cancer the last several months.  On top of that, Mimi said he recently broke his arm, and today he went into Hospice.  The final insult, his beautiful red and black and chrome custom Davidson randonneur bike was stolen from their garage last night.  If you hear anything about it, or see it for sale on Craig's list for instance, let me know and I will pass along.

Robert Freeman < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >


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