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Permanents and Brevets Explained



If there were no paperwork,
- The events must be on the RUSA ride calendar.
- ACP-sanctioned brevets must be added to the worldwide calendar in the fall (now, basically) for the following year. If an ACP brevet hasn't already been submitted for 2012, it won't happen.
- RUSA brevets (200km or more) and RUSA populaires (100-199km) can be added to the calendar on five weeks notice. (Extra credit answer: There are no ACP populaires.)

- We are seeing a lot of interest in adding some more events, perhaps monthly populaires. Volunteers are stepping up and we expect to add some to the calendar soon.
- Once the events are calendared, they will be searchable on the RUSA website and listed on the SIR website.
- Brevets & populaires must be run on routes pre-approved by RUSA.
- We have a number of approved routes already, but new routes will need to go through the RUSA approval process. For a well-constructed route, this can happen fairly quickly.
- An approved permanent route is not ipso facto an approved brevet/populaire route. It must be separately approved as such, but the process can be even more expedited.

- They are fun. Really.


Your fellow rider / volunteers have been working to add more calendared events. For each event, this process involves getting a volunteer, picking a date, getting the date on the official calendar, picking a route, and submitting the route (if new) for approval.

Stay tuned. When new events are added, they will be publicized on this list and published on the website. In the meantime, enjoy riding some of the many great permanents available.

Or just ride. It's easier to explain.


Who's Been Riding?