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Spring 200K (ACP) and Chili Feed - 3/10


Come and enjoy a ride that features views of Mt. Rainier, quiet roads, and a trek into the historical town of Wilkenson - all within 200K. If that's not enough, you can bank on a stop at Black Diamond and its famous bakery and a trip (only one this year) up your favorite Kent East Hill!

Final, properly formatted, Cue Sheet posted

Some pre-ride notes to whet your appetite.

It was a very pleasant route and perfect for the 1st brevet of the season.  The hardest hill on the ride is towards the beginning.  Much of the ride is on familiar roads.  The hill at the end is nicely tapered and an appropriate end to a wonderful ride.

I just want to add that I enjoyed the route from beginning to end, but the descent down the Orting Kapowsin Highway at around 175 km alone is well worth the price of admission. A very nice treat!

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Pre Ride Report - compiled from the notes of the pre-riders. Thanks guys!!

Good combination of roads old and new. I have never taken the 218th approach to Black Diamond Bakery. But Albert is kinder than Greg (who features this hill at 100+
miles). I had some spectacular views of the bottom half of Mount
Rainier and some awful headwinds. The ride to Greenwater was as pretty
as ever. Not sure how much of an inducement that is. ;) We don't need
any inducement to do this, do we ? Beautiful views of Lake Kapowsin,
and a nice roaring descent down into Orting.

Some things to watch out for:

* Broken glass along 218th Ave near-midway up the climb.

* Return from Greenwater on Highway 410: Lots of felled branches
encroaching into the Shoulder. Take care when riding to not veer into

* Descent on Mud Mountain Damn Road: lots of Gravel near the right turn near the gate. Also, near the sharp left turn almost all the way down the descent, a very thin sheet of wet mud (near the red house on the right), which makes it tricky to turn without veering into other
lane. Recommend slowing down once you enter the residential section of Mud Mountain Dam Road.

* In Wilkeson, the Grocery store seems like the quickest option, but they aren't willing to allow restroom usage. There is a public restroom on the right side of the road.

* MP 91.9: Need more help to exit the trail at the correct spot.  The turn is best described as left turn downhill on a gravel road that takes you to SR 162. Ain't easy to spot or describe.

* Leaving Safeway at Orting: Ride away from Safeway towards the main road and then turn LEFT on the sidewalk (which is actually the trail). It took me a while to figure this out, and I rode all around the Safeway before I stopped to ask somebody! :(

* Trail has lots of felled branches which have been cut and protrude out onto the trail; not a big deal unless somebody is as slow as me - and hence has to ride this stretch in the dark - and runs into them.

* Some spots where trail crosses roadways is dangerous. Use lights and watch for vehicles.

* MP 124.8: Jovita Blvd is busy, and has no shoulder. This is the kindest way back up the hill we descended in the morning, but it it tricky to ride if dark. I was very happy to see 114th.

The chili is cooking, come on down!!

Ride Summary:

Come and enjoy a ride that features views of the Sound, quiet roads, and a trek into the foot-hills of Mt. Rainier all within 200K. If that's not enough, you can bank on a stop at Black Diamond and its famous bakery and a trip (only one this year) up your favorite Kent East Hill!

Organizers: Albert Meerscheidt & Allyson Welsh
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Date: Mar 10 2012
Time: 6:00 AM check in begins
7:00 AM sharp ride starts
Address: 35675 32nd Avenue S.
Auburn, WA 98001
End Location:

35525 28th Ave. S.
Federal Way, WA 98003

Directions: From I-5 take EXIT #142B; exit west.
Turn left (south) at the first light to Enchanted Parkway S.
Stay on Enchanted Parkway S. to S. 360th Street.
Turn left at the light onto S. 360th Street (directly across from Enchanted Village).
Follow this road (several curves) to 32nd Avenue S.;
Turn left onto 32nd Avenue S.
The school is on the left side of 32nd Avenue S.
Entry Fee: $10.00 SIR members, $20.00 non-members.
Please make all entry and
membership fees payable to SIR.
Cue Sheet: Final cue Sheet posted
Map: Preliminary route sheet

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