Seattle International Randonneurs

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Les Cyclos Montagnards

The Cyclos Montagnards promote unsupported long distance cycling inspired by the French pioneers of randonneuring. These early riders demonstrated accomplished cycling ability and self-sufficiency. They dreamt up serious cycling challenges and then strove to achieve them.

The Cyclos Montagnards seek to emulate this spirit by providing a series of challenges worthy of these early randonneurs. Becoming a Cyclo Montagnard is a matter of completing these challenges. Riders can either complete an existing challenge, or suggest their own.

The Cyclos Montagnards also offer the R80/R70/R60 honors for riders who complete a full "Super Randonneur" brevet series in 80%/70%/60% of the allotted time limits.

For more information, go to http://www.cyclosmontagnards.org


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