Seattle International Randonneurs

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Club Charter

Charter Agreement Establishing Seattle International Randonneurs Articles

I. Name


  1. The name of this organization shall be Seattle International Randonneurs, hereafter referred to as SIR.
  2. SIR will be affiliated with Randonneurs USA (RUSA), Randonneurs Mondiaux, and Audax Club Parisien.
  3. SIR will be a self-supporting, non-profit organization.

II. Aims and Objectives

The Seattle International Randonneurs is a fraternal organization whose main goal is to promote randonneuring, a style of cycling that the Audax Club Parisien, France first formalized in 1921. To accomplish its mission, SIR shall organize and sponsor brevets following the rules and guidelines established by Audax Club Parisien, Randonneurs Mondiaux and adopted by the Randonneurs USA - and provide for occasional social gatherings of SIR members.

III. Membership and Voting


  1. Membership in SIR is open to anyone with an interest in the randonneuring style of cycling.
  2. The SIR membership shall consist of all people whose names are on the SIR roster, who have paid their dues for the current calendar year, and are members in good standing of a national randonneuring organization such as RUSA.
  3. Members paying individual membership dues receive full member benefits and voting rights. Each member shall have one (1) vote.
  4. Members must join as individuals, not as a group or a family.
  5. Annual dues will be collected from all members in January of each year. A member who has not paid by the end of March will be removed from the SIR roster. A person whose membership has lapsed in this manner will be reinstated upon payment of the full annual dues.
  6. New members may join at any time. They must pay the full annual dues, regardless of the date on which they join.
  7. A member removed for cause shall forfeit all membership dues, and shall be ineligible to participate in SIR events....Reinstatement requires approval of the petition by at least three members of the Executive Committee, followed by a majority vote of the SIR membership.

IV. Officers


  1. The Officers shall consist of a Regional Brevet Administrator, Newsletter Editor, and Treasurer.
  2. The Officers shall be members of SIR, elected by the general membership.
  3. The officers shall be elected annually at a general meeting called by the Regional Brevet Administrator. Newly elected Officers begin their terms of office the following January 1st.
  4. Officers may be replaced during their term of office by a majority vote of a quorum of the SIR membership.

V. Duties of Officers


  • 1. Regional Brevet Adminstrator. It shall be the duty of the Regional Brevet Administrator to:
  • a. Compile and submit the results of each SIR-authorized brevet to Randonneurs USA (RUSA);
  • b. Distribute RUSA-approved results and keep a master record of results;
  • c. Respond to requests for information about SIR and SIR Brevets;
  • d. Promote SIR activities and recruit new members;
  • e. Call and preside over all business meetings;
  • f. Appoint any member to fill a vacancy in office until the next general meeting;
  • g. Nominate members to assist in specific areas as defined by the Executive Board;
  • h. Appoint two members to the Executive Board;
  • i. Appoint a member to act as recording secretary of minutes at all meetings.


  • 2. Treasurer. It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to:
  • a. keep adequate and complete books of account;
  • b. Be prepared to answer questions about the financial status of SIR at general meetings;
  • c. Collect funds and make disbursements on behalf of SIR within the guidelines of the budget established by the executive board and a majority vote of a quorum of the general membership;
  • d. Submit a formal annual report for the previous calendar year to the general membership by the first meeting and in the newsletter;
  • e. Maintain the SIR roster. The Treasurer and President shall have check-signing privileges in SIR's account. No SIR member may write checks to himself or herself from this account.


  • 3. Newsletter Editor.
  • It shall be the duty of the Newsletter Editor to be the editor and publisher of the SIR newsletter. This includes distribution of the newsletter via regular post, the Internet, and other appropriate means.

VI. Executive Board


  1. Shall consist of the Officers and two additional SIR members appointed by the Regional Brevet Administrator.
  2. Shall be responsible for the general government of the organization.
  3. Shall establish the annual dues for membership.
  4. Shall review and approve all charter amendments.
  5. Shall review and approve all contracts entered into on behalf of SIR, including but not limited to liability insurance coverage.
  6. Any decision by the Executive Board can be overturned by a majority vote of a quorum of the general membership.
  7. The Officers and Executive Board of SIR shall receive no remuneration for their duties.

VII. Meetings


  1. General Meetings will be called by the Regional Brevet Administrator on an as-needed basis, provided that at least two General Meetings are held each year.
  2. Time and location of the General Meetings will be chosen by the Regional Brevet Administrator.
  3. Members shall be notified at least two weeks in advance.
  4. A quorum shall be present at any meeting before official business or elections can be conducted.
  • a. For an Executive Board meeting, a quorum shall consist of at least three board members.
  • b. For a General Meeting, a quorum shall consist of at least fifteen percent (15%) of the SIR membership.

VIII. Amendments


  1. All proposed amendments shall be submitted to the Executive Board for approval.
  2. A favorable vote by at least three members of the Executive Board is required for approval. Following Executive Board approval, written notice shall be sent to the members for approval.
  3. A vote by two-thirds majority of members constituting a quorum shall be required to adopt a charter amendment.
  4. Proposed amendments submitted to the Executive Board, but not approved, may be submitted to the membership for discussion at a General Meeting.

IX. Resolutions


  1. Resolutions in general meetings shall be adopted upon receiving a simple majority of votes cast. The text of each adopted resolution will be published in the next issue of the SIR newsletter. Adopted resolutions shall remain in effect until amended or rescinded by subsequent resolutions.

X. Conduct of meetings


  1. Officers shall follow democratic principles in the conduct of business and general meetings. Major decisions shall not be made without open discussion and vote.
  2. Members shall respect the rights of fellow members to hear, discuss, and vote on issues in general meetings.

XI. SIR Property


  1. SIR property is held for use solely for SIR approved rides and activities.
  2. The SIR membership mailing list and SIR ride mailing list are SIR properties.
  3. In the event that the SIR disbands, the net of its remaining assets, if any, shall be transferred to a non-profit bicycle-related organization, charity, or other beneficiary chosen by the members.

XII. Indemnification of Officers and Board Members


  • To the fullest extent permitted under RCW 24.03.035(14) and RCW 23b.08.500 through 23B.08.600, as now existing or hereafter amended, Seattle International Randonneurs (SIR) shall indemnify any person made a party to any proceedings by reason of the fact that he or she is or was a director, officer, board member, ride organizer, ride leader or agent of SIR against judgments, penalties, fines, settlements and reasonable expenses incurred by such person in connection with such proceedings.

Last Updated: 10/2003


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