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Running a SIR Brevet - Fleche Addendum


The checklist is fairly basic, and will be similar to that of a brevet organizer. So much of the time is devoted to reviewing team routes that everything else becomes a blur. But, I think I noted most of them. If I missed any thing, please add it to the list.

  • Select destination
  • Make banquet arrangements
  • Depending upon banquet facility requirements, communicate current number of attendees-for Semiahmoo: 1 or 2 weeks before the event & the night before the banquet.
  • Solicite entries, communicate banquet and other event details & note registration requirements: Standard event requirements, plus application deadline
  • Respond to rider/captain questions
  • Review team routes to insure compliance with event requirements, communicate route issues, rereview routes, etc.
  • Prepare and supply control cards, insurance/waiver forms
  • Validate results, forward to RBA
  • Account to Treasurer on receipts and expenditures

Wish list: Operate a secret control process (I like what BC Randonneurs do).

Submitted by Peter McKay 12.25.01


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