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Mountain Pass 600K


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 Please note 9 pm start on 9/11/09.

Ride Description: Similar to last year's Mountain Pass 600 km brevet, but starting on Friday evening in Enumclaw. Follow the Ramrod route around Mt. Rainier during the night, then turn to Mt. St. Helens and climb Windy Ridge as the day breaks. Return to Packwood and climb over White Pass to Rimrock Lake, where the "overnight" control is placed. Continue from here up Chinook Pass, then descend to Cayuse Pass and dart into the park to the White River campground (water available). Return to Enumclaw to finish an extraordinary ride.

While challenging with its four major climbs, this is a very do-able ride and well worth the effort.

Pre-registration required

 Notes about the Route:

The route combines a lot of favorite roads. It is very scenic - you get to visit Mount Rainier several times, and you will ride into the blast zone of Mt. St. Helens. You could call it "Ramrod ++", and there is no lottery to get in.

0 Start in Enumclaw
1 Follow Ramrod Route to Mt. Rainier
2 Climb to Paradise
3 Descend to Ohanapecosh (with Backbone Ridge as a "bonus" climb)
4 Ride to Packwood and on to Randle
5 Climb up to Windy Ridge
6 Turn around, descend and return to Packwood on a different route
7 Climb White Pass
8 Rimrock Lake (staffed control, beds, food)
9 Descend toward Yakima
10 Climb Chinook Pass
11 Descend to Cayuse Pass
12 Descend toward Enumclaw
13 Visit White River campground in the park (water available)
14 Complete the ride toward Enumclaw

2, 5, 7, and 10 are major climbs.

Organizers: Jan Heine, Ryan Hamilton
Contacts:  Jan    - 206-297-1199
 Ryan - 206-601-5913
 Date:  Date: 9/11/2009 - 9/13/2009
 Time: Registration Opens 8:00 pm, allow extra time for bike inspection.
 Ride Starts - 9:00 pm
 Start Location: King's Motel in Enumclaw
 Address:  1334 Roosevelt Ave E
Enumclaw, WA 98022
(360) 825-1626
 Entry Fee: $40 SIR members, $50 non-members, Please make all entry and membership fees payable to SIR.
 Special Instructions:

These are serious mountain passes with little traffic and often outside cell phone range. Consequently a mini-survival blanket is required in addition to the standard requirements of helmet, lights, and reflective gear. A spare tire (not just a tube) is recommended.

From Randle, the climb to Windy Ridge and back, as well as the route to Packwood, have no services over the course of more than 100 km. We suggest stashing supplies at the base of the climb to Windy Ridge and picking them up on the way back. If needed, a small detour will take you back to Randle on the way back, where you can stock up with supplies.

To reduce the environmental impact of the ride, most of the SIR controls will be staffed by cyclists. This means that support (food, drinks, sag rides) is limited or non-existant.

A cottage with several rooms will be available at the 400km point. SIR will not provide a drop bag service, but supplies can be mailed to the "overnight control."

 Route Sheet: 
 Registration:   Preregister online (available to SIR members)
if you register "on line" you will  not need to complete the registration paperwork at the ride start.  On line registering allows for quick posting of ride results -- snail mail paper registration slows down the end of ride results.  PDF Entry Form

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 Reminders:  A bicycle helmet is required.  Fenders and mud flaps encouraged.

All riders are reminded that any failure to conduct the ride in accordance with SIR Brevet Rider Expectations , RUSA rules, applicable laws, or any special instructions or equipment requirements for this ride may result in a time penalty or disqualification.

Please fill out the SIR Membership Form BEFORE the ride if you are joining SIR. Please also try to have correct change (or a check) for the entry fee, medal, SIR annual fee, and RUSA annual fee. 


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