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SIR 2010 Flèche Northwest


It is not too early to start planning your NW Flèche team!  This is a wonderful event you do not want to miss. Last year we had 11 teams - let's see if we can't top that number this year. Ralph & Carol Nussbaum are again the organizers. Our finish will be the same as last year - the Red Lion Inn in Olympia.  If you have any questions write us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or give us a call at 206-783-6450.

Welcome to the 13th Annual Flèche NW.  The Flèche is a 24 hour, team event, of at least 360 KM in distance and run similar to a brevet. Each team plans its own route with a common destination in mind. The Flèche is a fun event fostering friendships, teamwork and camaraderie during the planning, riding and finishing celebration of the accomplishment. This year we are returning to Olympia, WA.for our finish location. You again have a myriad of route possibilities. Last year there were routes that allowed teams to reach Olympia from any of the four cardinal directions.

Paul "Codfish" Johnson has been kind enough to provide us with four suggested routes to the Red Lion Inn. as the Red Lion is located in a part of Olympia that is cut up by the freeway running north and south and  SR-8 out to Grays Harbor to the west, and the lake and harbor create limited routes east and west across town.

From the North and West (US-101) :

From the West on SR-8 (Shelton):

Anyone coming into town from the west on Hwy 8 (Aberdeen etc) should avoid the merge with 101 coming south from Shelton.  It is a dangerous junction for bikes and the alternates will be much safer.

From the South (Tenino):

From the South and West (Littlerock, Rochester):

From the North and East (Yelm, McKenna) :


  • Organizers: Carol & Ralph Nussbaum
  • Date: Thursday, April 15 through Sunday, April 18, 2010
  • Starts: Noon Thursday, April 15 through 8:00 AM Saturday, April 17, 2010
  • Destination: Red Lion Inn - Olympia
  • Address: 2300 Evergreen Park Dr; Olympia, WA 98502  Tel. 360-943-4000
  • Finish by: 8:00 AM Sunday, April 18, 2010 - All Control Cards due at this time!
  • Entry Fees: $75 per team
  • Banquet Brunch: We will hold our banquet celebrating this year's Flèche Northwest on Sunday morning April 18 at 9:00 a.m.  The banquet will cost $18 per person (includes tax and gratuity)As we did last year, payment for the brunch must be made at the time of team registration.

 REGISTRATION : Team Captains must the have the following to the ride organizers no later than April 1, 2010:

  • Registration form with waiver signed by all riders including alternates.
  • Proposed route should be sent to us electronically.  We can read maps made in MS Streets and Trips; DeLorme Atlas USA, Google Maps, or Bikely.  We would also like to see a cue sheet in MS Excel with controls clearly marked.  Please contact the ride organizers if you are unable to send this information electronically.
  • Ride fee of $75.00 per team payable to SIR (can be paid by Paypal), and Number of persons you anticipate will attend the Banquet on Sunday including family and friends. Banquet cost this year is $18 per person and at least three (3) team members must attend.  Hopefully the entire team will be there!


We will accept entries at any of the Training Series Rides or the 100K.  Otherwise please send the registration material to:
     Ralph & Carol Nussbaum
     7531 Dibble Ave NW
     Seattle, WA 98117

Please download and fill out this Registration/Waiver Form.


  • Each team is to design its own route that is at least 360 KM in length. The traditional format for a Flèche is point-to-point, like an archer's arrow (flèche in French) flying toward its target. In France, the destination is usually a resort community providing a festive surrounding for waiting family and friends.  We try to replicate some of this by ending our Flèche at a nice locale and having an awards brunch with our friends and families.  Completing a Flèche is also required for attaining a Randonneur 5000 standing with Audax Club Parisien.



    • Though not a classic Flèche route, a large circuit or loop may also be used, such as to make a scenic tour of a region. However, an out-and-back route is not consistent with the traditions of the Flèche. Out-and-back route segments are permitted, such as to obtain food and supplies in remote regions, but no control may be used more than once and no road segment may be used more than once in the same direction. If an out-and-back route segment is utilized in the overall route design, a control point must be located at its turnaround.
        • Distance traveled is calculated on the basis of the shortest route between checkpoints that can be legally traveled by bicycle. Maps or mapping software with accurate mileages will be used to determine distances.
        • No rest stop may exceed two hours in any one location.
        • If several teams use the same starting point, then starting times for individual teams shall be spaced at least one hour apart.
        • The start time and starting place approved with the team's registration must be used.
        •  22 Hour Control: At least 25 KM must have been ridden between the end of the 22nd hour and the end of the 24th hour of the ride. Under no circumstances may these two checkpoints be the same place, even if the planned distance has already been completed. The exact time and the location of the team at the 22 hour point must be noted on each control card and verified by the signature or business receipt imprinted with the time, date and location.
        • Final 24 Hour Control: Teams may stop their Flèche  at any point after reaching a total distance of 360 KM and a minimum of 25KM past the 22 Hour Control.  This does not need to be the final end point at the Red Lion in Olympia.
        •  How to get to the Red Lion: Local expert Paul “Codfish” Johnson has provided some route possibilities to the hotel (see links above). 


  • Each team is limited to a maximum of five members (machines) and a minimum of three members. Tandems or other multi-rider vehicles count as a single member.
  • Members of the same team may assist one another. However, teams are expressly forbidden to aid each other, even teams from the same club. The one exception to this is in the event of a medical emergency.
  • During the event, riders may not draft anyone except their Flèche teammates.
  •  At least three team members must have ridden the same distance and arrive at the finish together.
  • No following cars are allowed under any circumstances. Teams using a support car can receive support from their car only at the control points listed on their route cards.
  • Assistance from other motorized non-participants is also not permitted, except in the case of a medical emergency. There may be secret and roving checkpoints.
  • All riders are reminded that any failure to conduct the ride in accordance with SIR Brevet Rider Expectations, RUSA Flèche Rules, applicable laws, or any special instructions or equipment requirements for this ride may result in a time penalty or disqualification.
  • All riders are reminded to please conduct themselves per SIR standards. Be courteous to control owners and staff.
  • All the team's Brevet Control Cards are due to the organizers no later than 8:00 AM Sunday, April 18th.  Find us at the Red Lion Inn.  (Since we are riding our own Flèche we won't be at the Red Lion before Saturday morning.)


  • We would like everyone to stay at the Red Lion Inn.  We have negotiated a very reasonable rate of $99.00 per double occupancy (a little more for 3-4 in a room).  Please make sure to make your reservations early and to mention Seattle Randonneurs to get the discounted rate.

  • The organizer’s room will be available to those wishing to shower and change clothes Sunday morning or if you get in early on Saturday – before your rooms is available.

  • We plan to have a delicious brunch on Sunday, April 18th.  We hope to have a lot of fun with a plethora of awards.

  • The Olympia AMTRAK Station is just under 10 miles from our hotel.  Northbound there’s a train at 2:05 PM and at 4:38 PM taking approximately 1 hr and 50 minutes to Seattle.  Southbound to Portland there’s a 12:44 PM and a 3:44 PM train taking a little over 2 hrs .  Check schedule for up-to-date info.

  • The Red Lion has indicated they accept packages for guests.  You can send clothes and other items to the hotel within a couple of days of our Flèche.  Contact the hotel in advance.



AWARDS:  Awards will be presented at the brunch banquet on Sunday.  The following are under consideration:

  • Over Achievers (Longest distance)
  • Lowball (Shortest distance - closest to 360KM)
  • Newbie (Highest average RUSA number)
  • Grey Hair (Lowest average RUSA number)
  • Highest Flyers (Most elevation gain on planned route)
  • Pancake Award (Least elevation gain on planned route)
  • Drunkard (Most circuitous route)
  • Herding Cats (Most team members)
  • Xena Award (Team with most female members)
  • Mark Twain (Best tale from ride) to be voted on at brunch
  • Best Handle (Best Team Nickname) to be voted on at brunch




Who's Been Riding?