Seattle International Randonneurs

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Seattle International Randonneurs

Summer 200K Brevet (ACP) 7/15/2017


Summer 200K (ACP) Much like last year's Summer 200K, this year we again start at Peet's and finish at Postdoc. Almost everything between is different.

The final RWGPS route and cue sheet for this Saturday's 200K are now available: http://seattlerando.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=620

If you're thinking about joining in the fun, please preregister -- it makes it a little easier when printing control cards, cue sheets, etc. Preregistration closes tomorrow (Thursday) night at 9:00pm.

Four Volcanoes 300K Brevet (ACP) 7/29/2017


From Packwood we will go south all the way to the Columbia River, west to Carson, north to Randle, and return to Packwood. There will be two untimed support stations: The first at Takhlakh Lake and the second before Elk Summit.


Summer 400K Brevet (ACP) 8/12/2017


Summer 400K Brevet (ACP) Arlington to Washington Pass


Come ride with SIR!


Randonneuring is self-supported long-distance cycling. It's a great sport for those who love to ride their bikes, like to explore new roads, and wonder what is over the next hill. Our rides are scenic and challenging.  Perhaps most enjoyable is the camaraderie among randonneurs. Randonneuring is not a race,  but the time limits makes it challenging nonetheless.

Randonneuring is a big tent where every rider finds his or her challenge. Some aspire to finish within the time limit, others try to set a personal best, yet others want to go as fast as possible. Some concentrate on the longest distances, others do the day rides (100, 200 and 300 km). All are randonneurs. At Seattle International Randonneurs, each rider is respected. We are all out to have fun.

Rides (called Populaires or Brevets) vary in length between 100 km (62 miles) and 1200 km (750 miles). Riders are given a route sheet, which tells them where to go. They carry a control card, which they have signed at pre-determined points to show that they have completed the course. At the end, those who complete the course within the time limits obtain a medal.

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