Seattle International Randonneurs

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Seattle International Randonneurs

Olympia-Astoria 600K (ACP) 5/26/2018


Join us for this two-state 600K starting in Olympia, Washington, and overnighting in Astoria, Oregon. We'll enjoy some beautiful roads on both sides of the Columbia River. This route does feature some climbing – 4135 m (13566 ft) total – but it is front-loaded with 70% of the elevation coming on day one.


2018 Brevet Schedule


2018 Brevet Schedule

Here is our 2018 brevet and populaire schedule. ACP/RM dates are fixed, but we can add RUSA events (including Dart Populaires!) if there's interest.

Names listed after the event are the main organizers - remember that you can volunteer to help them out and still get event credit by joining the workers' ride.

Jan-Feb – Winter Training Series (Ralph Nussbaum & Noel Howes)

Sat 3/10 – Spring Populaire (Andy Speier, Jeff Loomis, & Shan Perera) RUSA

Sat 3/17 – Escape to Lake McMurray (Mark Roberts & Mark Thomas) ACP

Sat 3/24 – Olympia 200K (Millison Fambles) ACP

Sat 3/31 – Camano Island 300K (Gary Prince) ACP

Sat 4/7 – Tacoma 300K (Millison Fambles) ACP

Fri 4/20 – Sun 4/22 – Flèche NW (Olympia Finish) (Mark Thomas) ACP

Sat 5/5 – Ephrata 400K (Robert Trombley) ACP

Fri 5/11 - Night-Start 100K (Dominique Blachon) RUSA

Sat 5/26 – Olympia-Astoria 600K (Josh Morse) ACP

Sat 6/23 – Cascade 1200 (Susan Otcenas) RM

Sat 7/14 – Summer Bakery Run Populaire (Mike McHale & Bob Brudvick) RUSA

Sat 7/21 – Snohomish-Anacortes 200K (Narayan Krishnamoorthy) ACP

Fri 7/27 – Border to Border 1000K (Your Name Here!) ACPSat

Sat 8/4 – Crescent Beach 300K (Bill Gobie) ACP

Sat 8/18 – Barlow Pass 400K + RUSA 20th Anniversary Pop & Party (Jeff & Wendy Loomis) ACP/RUSA

Sat 9/1 – Four Passes Revisited 600K (Tom Beck & Jim Ryan) ACP

Fri 9/14 – Crater Lake 1000K (Vinny Muoneke) ACP

Fri 12/21 - Winter Solstice Ride (Geoff Hazel) RUSA


Come ride with SIR!


Randonneuring is self-supported long-distance cycling. It's a great sport for those who love to ride their bikes, like to explore new roads, and wonder what is over the next hill. Our rides are scenic and challenging.  Perhaps most enjoyable is the camaraderie among randonneurs. Randonneuring is not a race,  but the time limits makes it challenging nonetheless.

Randonneuring is a big tent where every rider finds his or her challenge. Some aspire to finish within the time limit, others try to set a personal best, yet others want to go as fast as possible. Some concentrate on the longest distances, others do the day rides (100, 200 and 300 km). All are randonneurs. At Seattle International Randonneurs, each rider is respected. We are all out to have fun.

Rides (called Populaires or Brevets) vary in length between 100 km (62 miles) and 1200 km (750 miles). Riders are given a route sheet, which tells them where to go. They carry a control card, which they have signed at pre-determined points to show that they have completed the course. At the end, those who complete the course within the time limits obtain a medal.

Membership Application


Welcome to Randonneuring!


Have you ever noticed a group of cyclists who seem to ride rain or shine, day and night throughout the year? The ones who top the mileage rankings on Strava and who disappear for days on end on a “little bike ride”?

Those are the randonneurs.

And Seattle is the home of one of the most active rando clubs in the country, The Seattle International Randonneurs. We thought we would use this monthly feature to shed a little light on Randonneuring.

Randonneurs USA defines randonneuring as: “long-distance unsupported endurance cycling. This style of riding is non-competitive in nature, and self-sufficiency is paramount. When riders participate in randonneuring events, they are part of a long tradition that goes back to the beginning of the sport of cycling in France and Italy. Friendly camaraderie, not competition, is the hallmark of randonneuring.”

Randonneuring is not racing, but there are time limits. Randonneuring events typically start at 100 kilometers.

A Super Randonneur is someone who has completed a series of a 200-, 300-, 400-, and 600 kilometer rides.

The most famous ride for randonneurs is Paris Brest Paris, a 1200 kilometer event with a 90-hour time limit. This ride takes place every four years and will occur next in 2015. Thousands of cyclists from all over the globe participate in a tradition that goes back to the 1890s.

Randonneurs are a tremendously disparate group, and Seattle is home to some of the fastest and highest mileage riders in the world. We also have our share of people who just enjoy the camaraderie of the group and we have our share of riders who struggle to make the time cutoffs.

Randonneuring has been known as “cycling with paperwork.” There are seemingly obscure rules and requirements to certify that each rider completed the course within a time limit. It’s also been known as “riding for trinkets,” as there are tons of awards one can earn for accumulating various rides.

For more information about randonneuring, please visit:

If you think you would enjoy this sort of challenge, consider checking out the Seattle International Randonneurs. A good place to start would be a 100k daytime populaire.


Who's Been Riding?