Volunteers Needed!

Great events don’t happen without great volunteers!

We need help in ALL of the following areas:

  • 6/17 bike inspections (Mt. Vernon)
  • 6/18, 6/19/ & 6/20 overnight controls (Packwood, Moses Lake, Mazama)
  • 6/18, 6/19 & 6/20 daytime controls (locations TBD)
  • airport pick-ups and drop-offs (between SEA & Mt. Vernon)
  • Baggage truck driver(s)

If you think you can help (even if it’s tentative), please complete the form below.    We promise not to hold your first born children hostage if you have to withdraw your interest.

Note:  A *limited number* of volunteers making significant contributions during the event may be offered the opportunity to join the pre-ride.   Invitations to join the pre-ride are at the sole discretion of the organizers (Susan & Charlie) and will *not* be available to all volunteers.   Thank you in advance for your understanding.